Technological innovation: adult industry and its role in 360° video business.

In the last years, 360° related technologies, virtual and augmented realty are growing very fast, getting interest from a reference market searching for a mixed reality.

Day after day these technologies found practical applications such as in videogaming or museums. Here we are going to address particularly a business area that, historically, has always represented a pioneer actor in technological innovations: adult industry.

Adult entertainment always got a key role in pushing companies in investing in technological innovations, testing different prototypes that would have likely never appear on market if not adopted by this business. Writer and journalist Patchen Barss, in its book”The Erotic Engine” shows how adult industry had an huge impact in a product that has been for long in all our houses, the video recorder: the author says that, considering several sociological parameters measured in that specific period, it can be supposed that, without the support of adult industry, it would probably never become a mass consumed product. Speaking more generally Barss said”Pornography exerts a disproportionate influence over technologies at the stage when they are new and glitchy and expensive and difficult to use” and”They create an initial market that allows them to develop to the point where they’re ready for the mainstream.”

Today, although light years seem to have passed since the introduction on market of the video recorder and it is clear that technology is deeply changed in the meanwhile, innovation mechanics and investments in technological research remained unchanged. As mentioned, today’s video-related technologies are evolving into 360° and virtual reality applications which allows users to completely immerge themselves into the digital scenes. These technologies are getting applications in different areas: culture, medical and videogaming, for instance. Once again, adult industry it’s leading this innovation.An evidence of how adult industry is pioneering in this technological area is the exponential growth in the number of 360° video portal. These portals, allows users to watch their contents using several different VR devices, as we discussed in a previous article. At the same time, a market targeting adult entertainment-oriented devices is emerging, offering tools projected to enhance this type of experience. A leader in the 360° adult video portals is, which is an aggregator of adult VR material and has a blog giving updates to the community on new technologies about virtual reality.

Among the new technologies that are growing in virtual reality and 360° applications Coperniko has some unique features, defining a new way of enjoying every kind of multimedia content. It allows users to move their virtual point-of-view in 360° video and to zoom on portions of it just tracking their natural movements of the head, hands free. Every business area can benefit from this technology, giving accessibility and virtual immersion, deviceless and free from any kind of cable. It does not need any software installation being directly usable on the web. A demonstration on how this technology works can be found here.

In the end, today as yesterday, adult industry has a key role anticipating the times promoting emerging technologies related to new medias. Speaking about VR innovation that are still developing, we can cite an article from“Coperniko is a small but significant step towards wide-scale adoption of 360 videos”.